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Are You Afraid Of The Scissors?

Are you still wearing the same hairstyle that you wore your senior year in high school? Even if you were a high school senior last year, you need a change. Men are not exempt from keeping up appearances, so if you are fashion illiterate invoke the help of professionals, friends and family. Fashion changes occur every season and when you change your appearance, your style asserts that you are confident, creative, and open to new ideas. When you decide to select a new make-up style, hair design, and color concept, an evaluation of your profession, true self, and future goals determine your style. Collect photos of everything you like including cars, furniture, clothes, and of course all your favorite hair ideas. All this information is an evaluation of your aspirations. Are you classic or contemporary in your choices? Share your ideas with your stylist and get him or her excited about what you want for yourself. Find a stylist that will be your advocate and help you meet your goals. Remember there will always be a naysayer that will ridicule any changes you make because it changes their world. Evaluate that persons’ style. Has it changed over the last year? Is that an opinion you can really respect?


Hair flying away and breaking off is a sign of big trouble. Axiom Tres Plus Reconstructor deeply conditions your hair with combinations of rice, corn, and wheat proteins. This trio of pure proteins is broken down using heat thus transforming them into their component amino acids. This deep conditioning mixture combines with surfactants (wetting agents) that are able to adhere to the hair structure and bind the hair surface scales together. Damaged, frizzy, and double processed hair revitalizes for a silkier, smoother appearance and feel. Use daily for damaged hair and once to twice a week as a treatment for healthy hair.


Highlights, streaks, lowlights and more can be confusing for any nonprofessional. Color jargon can be ambiguous and open to interpretation. When selecting a color, have your haircut first, so that your professional can design a color and technique that suits your style. The texture, design, and movement in your hairstyle determine the color design. For example, if you choose a classic bob because you want a sleek look, but a strong, dynamic highlight is used, then your sleek style looks textured. Pick a colorist who truly understands technique, color combinations, and design. What is the test? Your colorist should be able to teach you in simple terms, what and how they plan to implement their concept. Most importantly, the colorist should consciously try to help you feel confident about your decision. Be willing to learn because you are not a professional and color is a complicated chemical process aside from being creative. Many combinations of color suit the pallor of your complexion, so try them all. The sweetest words a colorist can ever hear from you… “What color are we going to make my hair today?” Ahhhh…


Frizzy, curly hair can be difficult to manage and look wild. Rough, dry skin due to shaving can be unattractive and sometimes painful. What’s the answer to these two very different dilemmas? They both need special treatment that will result in hydration, smoothness and softness. Control Solution is "pink stuff" that packs super antioxidants with botanical enhancements together for protection against destructive chemicals that compromises the integrity of your skin and hair. After your cleansing and conditioning hair regimen, then apply Control Solution to towel blotted hair, allow your hair to air dry or follow-up with a blow dryer or flat iron. Your hair will no longer be frizzy and you will have curl that is more beautiful. Do not forget the added bonus of shaving your legs or face with Control Solution, which results in a closer shave and smooth skin. Use it daily and get a double dose because once you try “the pink stuff” you won’t be able to live without it.


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