Texas: The Road To Total Transformation

The Image Gallery Salons’ conception, seventeen years ago, materialized when the Quiroz family pooled their artistic and business ideas together. Since then, this visionary trio has launched The Genesis Haircutting Technique and Theory, Axiom Hair Care Product Line, a scholarship program, and hair competition. Today, Raul, Lou, and Patria thrive on a synergy that even industry associates recognize and coin the phrase “the dream team of hair” to describe them. Team members know their area of expertise, so they respectfully submit to each others’ authority. This is an unwritten and unspoken rule that both team members and clients seem to understand.

The Quiroz siblings place an emphasis on family adopting their employees and clients alike. The outcome is an Image Gallery Family that is now expanding to second and third generations. The casual atmosphere is inviting and clients feel like family, but still know they will receive the service they want. Taught by their parents to cherish family values and teamwork has been advantageous for these siblings.

This think tank developed The Genesis Theory, which transforms traditional two-dimensional hair cutting, color application and perm design into three dimensional hair art. The Genesis Theory involves measuring the sagital planes and radial points of the head; and determining root direction. The theory and technique is complicated with its own language and an understanding of Non-Euclidean Geometry. The ultimate result is a haircut that falls naturally without styling aides and further enhancement follows with carefully defined color and/or perm designs. The Genesis Theory has won hair competitions on the state, international and world level. In 1996, the technique received the “Venus Medallion” which is the highest achievement recognized in the haircutting profession, awarded by top worldwide industry professionals. Refining this system has taught the team that education and perseverance are the keys to success.

Last year was a busy time for the I.G. team; they established a mentoring program with the south Texas high schools, teaching students business, trade, and hair competition skills. The Image Gallery developed The Ideology Hair Competition so that students could have a platform in which to compete. Each contestant was required to qualify using a point system, which included their G.P.A., an essay and a practical exercise. The Image Gallery sponsored three events awarding seventeen scholarships to the winners of the Ideology Competitions.

Competitions are not the only thing premiered by The Quiroz family. Quiroz Axiom Hair Care Products, which have been strictly in-house specialty products for more than ten years will soon be available on the Internet. The hair products contain botanical extracts, vitamins, and proteins that are ultra mild and have a pleasing fragrance. They are never tested on animals and are packaged using environmentally sound programs. These products exemplify the Quiroz family’s unmatched commitment to knowledge and providing top-notch service.

The Quiroz family believes their legacy is to educate and encourage industry professionals and students to strive, pursue and desire excellence in all things, but in this writers’ opinion this teams’ ability to sincerely share their lives with others defines “family” and that is truly legendary.

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