Real Beauty

We are amazed by the number of young women who sit in our stylist chairs and innocently ask: "How can I get my hair to be long, flowing and shiny, like the girls in the shampoo commercials?"

Sadly, We have to explain that it is not the products or even the careful grooming, but the oils, blue lighting, camera, and computer tricks that produce the lovely images they so much desire to be their own. Our young women have embraced impossible expectations of beauty having been surrounded for years with professionally manufactured images of the air-brushed female body, those long cellulite-free legs, the flawless skin, the perfect hair and dazzling teeth. Even more horrifying is a new plastic surgery procedure that reduces the size of a woman’s feet. Apparently because certain lines of elite designer shoes are now offered only in petite sizes – the reason for this odd marketing strategy, and why women would fall for it by going to the extreme of having surgery, goes unexplained. Ask yourself, have you ever seen a woman in real life this perfect?

Where are we failing our young women? Our daughters need instruction and support in developing the inherently more valuable and long lasting virtues of character, decency, honesty, self-awareness, self-respect and well-earned self-esteem. Personal vanity at the expense of all or any of those mentioned is not something we should ignore, approve of, or ever encourage.

We at the Image Gallery are proud to serve truly beautiful women, women of all ages, women of substance and from all walks of life, and the women featured on our website are our clients, not professional models, and there is no trickery or falseness about us. We are not in the business of selling illusions; only the finest products and hair care available, anywhere.

This season we are once again celebrating women who love, laugh, and live. They are students, mothers, grandmothers, homemakers and hardworking professionals. They are the backbone of their families and trusting, loyal confidantes to their friends. They are strong, intelligent, and beautiful.

It is not too much to say that when they walk into a room the atmosphere changes, for these are the very women other women admire and respect, and find themselves saying: "I want to be just like her."


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