Hair Review

Annette E. Craven, Ph.D., CPA
Quality & Strategic Management Consultant

Presentation is 99% of the sale. People will treat you according to your attitude, the way you dress, the way you behave, and the way you speak. I must say this at least three times a semester to every student in every college course I teach. Then I show them my drivers’ license picture…most don’t believe it’s me; some ask what happened; one person even said I looked like I just came in from the farm (I did actually, but you get my meaning). It never occurred to me I wasn’t practicing what I preach…at least not until I found the Image Gallery.

I arrived in San Antonio in 1999 with a bad haircut and the hair texture of a scouring pad. I suspected it was time for a change when I smelled alcohol on my master stylist who arrived 15 minutes late for my 9:00 a.m. appointment. I immediately began the search for the right stylist when I heard Raul’s greeting on the Image Gallery answering machine ending with God Bless and have a great day that I had found the right place. My Image Gallery adventure began with a consultation—what shock! What do you mean you won’t cut my hair at the first appointment?? You want to educate me. It’s hair! I should have known that eventually I would learn to say,” Do what you think is best!” It still took me five years before I didn’t try to tell the experts how I wanted it cut, permed or colored.

Once I finally learned to let the experts do their job, I transformed from the “ I just want something I can wash and go” and “what’s the big deal about makeup” to someone who gets compliments on a daily basis. I hear everything from you always look chic to I love to watch you walk by because you look like a movie star. I’ve had men I’ve never seen before pass me on the street and run back to tell me they think I look sexy. My husband’s face lights up when I come home from the Image Gallery and he now tells me I’m his pretty lady on a regular basis. Other men have told me my husband must love me very much because I regularly alter the color or the cut—they say this must be like waking up to a new bride every few months. This has been life changing! I’m tall, direct, assertive, and tend to make my presence known when I walk in a room. In the past this usually resulted in an encounter characterized by conflict … the new me gets cooperation, respect, and collaboration. I feel beautiful!

I owe this change to the Image Gallery family—Patria, Mary Lou, Raul, and Isabelle. I trust them implicitly; whether it’s advice about hair, skin care, makeup, professional woes, or what a Bible verse means. I trust them because they care; they do what they do because they love what they do. They don’t just do hair … they teach!

Finally, I knew how great their reputation was, when one day in Venice, Italy with a group of students and some sumptuous pasta the conversation of hair styles and care came up. One girl commented on how she showered and then wrapped her hair in a towel while she continued to do makeup, etc. Two of us at the table immediately exclaimed in horror and pronounced the error of her ways! We looked at each other and in unison said do you go to the Image Gallery??? I have since had this conversation at conferences, in classrooms, with clients, and with strangers on multiple occasions—and all of these people look terrific! Everyone I know who goes to the Image Gallery agrees …if you are willing to invest in yourself and accept the expertise the Image Gallery has to offer…your life will never be the same, it will just keep getting better and better.

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