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M. L. Quiroz is a graduate of Texas State University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in studio art. She is the recipient of the prestigious Presidential Scholarship. This honor is awarded to one student, from all studies of the arts, for most outstanding artistic and academic achievement. Until recently, Quiroz artwork has only seen exposure by means of exclusive exhibition to private collectors.

Quiroz incorporates a variety of motifs, and ideas, traversing a wide range of concepts. Her experimentation with a medley of mediums and techniques has produced works of enormous energy and controversy. Utilizing a symphony of bold colors and design, she brings to life universal feelings of humanity, uniquely expressive, throughout her work. The boldness of color extremes challenges even the most serious art enthusiast.

The embodiment of Quiroz's artwork demonstrates a ceaseless investigation of art and society. Fascinated by the human spirit, Quiroz creates figurative works capturing a broad spectrum of emotion and passion.
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